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August 27 2013

Automated Ultrasonic Test Systems

Automated test systems perform most or all of the tasks involved in carrying out the ultrasonic inspection of a component. These include placing the part in position to be tested, performing the test, handling the disposition of the part based on the test results, and logging the results. With automated systems, little or no human intervention is required in carrying out the testing.

American NDT, Inc. develops custom automated test systems based on the customer's specific requirements. Some examples of systems we've developed are listed below.

Automatic Valve Tester

The Automatic Valve Tester performs ultrasonic flaw testing on automotive engine valves. With no operator intervention, it can inspect 1500 parts per hour. It is shown during system checkout in the photo below.

Automatic Hub Tester

Our Automatic Hub Tester is hydraulically-controlled, requiring no operator intervention. It can test up to 400 ductile iron hubs per hour using acoustic velocity to measure the percent ductility of the hubs. It is shown in a production setting in the picture below.

Automatic Weld Tester

The Automatic Weld Tester is used to inspect steel, laser-welded transmission speed gears using ultrasonic technology. It can inspect up to 360 parts per hour with no operator intervention. Some photos of the system are shown below.