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August 27 2013

Ultrasonic Transducers

Choosing the right transducer for the job is critical to setting up a successful ultrasonic test. The type of probe required depends on what quantity is being measured, the material of the test piece, and the conditions under which the test is being carried out.

We carry a full line of ultrasonic transducers:

IMMERSION          General purpose flat and focused probes for use in immersion systems

CONTACT              General purpose probes with special wear plates for use in direct contact with test piece

ANGLE BEAM       Contact probes with angled shoes to produce inspection angles other than normal incidence

DUAL ELEMENT    Contact probes for close-to-the-surface applications

DELAY LINE          Contact probes with offset from part surface

SPECIALTY            Including probes for TOFD, Velocity/Nodularity, and high temperature applications