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August 27 2013

Accu-Scan Ultrasonic Immersion Test Tank

DAQ, scan motion control, image processing and pixel analysis software

A-B Axes Specifications:

 Z-Axis Specifications:

 X-Y Axes Specifications:

Accuscan Software

 Phase Gate

As well as amplitude and time-of-flight (TOF), Accuscan  provides phase inversion data.

Evaluating the integrity of a weld or bond is commonly done by monitoring the amplitude of the returned signal. This works well if the two materials have similar acoustic impedances. However,  if the two bonded pieces differ the change in amplitude of the reflected signal can be less apparent. This can be remedied utilizing a phase gate.

In Accu-Scan, if the pulse is traveling from a slower material to a faster material, the phase is unchanged and the pixel image is blue. If it travels from a faster material to a slower material, the phase is inverted and the pixel is red. If there is insufficient signal return or the phase is undetermined the pixel will be green.

Phase gate can be set for normal phase 'up' or normal phase 'down'.