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August 27 2013

Accu-Test 92®

Ultrasonic Water Additive / Rust Inhibitor

             Accu Test 92® is a true synthetic, that is to say it is truly water-soluble.  Accu-Test 92® was designed to provide a superior rust inhibitor for use in Ultrasonic Immersion Test Tanks & other machines.  Accu-Test 92® offers many benefits that insure outstanding performance under mill or foundry conditions.

            These benefits insure a clean working Solution, under operational conditions.  The use of this chemical additive will provide excellent rust protection at a reasonable cost and allows for ease of removal, prior to painting or plating requirements.  Low pH & lack of an odor lead to easy operator acceptance.

           Recommended concentration is 5-10%, keeping in mind the higher the concentration the better the rust protection afforded in high temperature/high humidity environments.

Typical physical properties of Accu-Test 92® are as follows:

  Appearance     = Clear Green Transparent Liquid

 4% pH             = 9.5

 5% Solubility  = Complete, Clear Solution

 Density, lbs/gal           =8.8

 Specific Gravity/60oF            =1.058

*MSDS Sheet Available Upon Request